Hi, I'm Ashlyn.

First and fore-most, I am a wife, a mother, and a woman. I live in the southern suburbs of Adelaide with my husband and three gorgeous kiddos. I love music, food and wine, my friends and board games.... and if I can combine them all then my day is made! I love being outside and I love to laugh. I love talking with people and hearing their stories. The beach is my happy place and I have the most wonderful job in the world. Some days I can't even believe how lucky I am to be invited into other people's lives to capture their story, passions and connections.


I am also an internationally recognised, award-winning Adelaide birth photographer.

I love photographing motherhood in all it’s beautiful forms – Maternity (including underwater), Birth, Fresh 48, Postpartum, Newborn and Family! In all these amazing categories, Birth work is my absolute passion. I feel so strongly about all families being able to access the birth support they need. I love the raw storytelling and emotion which comes with birth photography. I love the connections, the support, the extreme effort and reward when baby arrives. I love the circle of women as mum rises out of the tub and all of those tiny details once bubs is born. Birth will be the most important day in your life, and I have fallen in love with capturing that story.


I began my photography career as a newborn photographer. I have ALWAYS loved babies! It wasn't until my own son was born that I truly fell in love with BIRTH. I was completely suprised with the gratitude I felt for my body after he was born. Not only did I fall in love with him (alI 10lbs 8oz of him) I also finally appreciated my own body! I always knew birth would be hard work, and I always knew I'd fall in love with my boy as soon as I met him, but I NEVER imagined falling in love with myself - I was a SUPER WOMAN! I tried so very very hard not to forget those feelings.... but of course, I did.


When I fell pregnant with my second baby, all that awe started to creep in again. This time I knew I wouldn't let myself forget. The only way I could think to do this was to have my birth photographed. Not only did those photographs help me to remember but they also showed me just how much strength I had. They showed SO many happy moments (I mostly remember the hard work), they captured the tenderness of my husband when he was convincing me that I could do it, and it showed the love between us even before our sweet baby arrived. All the little

details were captured and those tiny little toes, but also people I don't even remember being in the room. These photos helped me to process my birth and provided me with a hard copy memory of our journey to treasure forever.

I love our wedding photos but if I had to choose between the two, I would keep our birth photos. Why? Because those three days were days which changed and shaped me: from maiden to mother, from living for myself to living with three little hearts outside my body. Birth changed my life, and I will be forever grateful for the life I have.

And so, my mission is to provide this for others. Not only to capture your love story but to use those images (only ever with permission) to educate the world about the transformative power of birth, about birth options open available to those in Australia, and to empower families to choose what is right for them. I want to be a supporter, to passionately capture your story in all its raw beauty, to reduce birth trauma and regret.

I support all birth choices and would love to support you!

Adelaide Birth Photographer Ashlyn Cooper. Birth Photographer Adelaide

Our first birth - captured on my sister's phone. The regret is REAL!

Our second birth. Thanks to our beautiful photographer and friend, Mel, for capturing our second and third birth.

Our third birth. Captured so beautifully at home.

My beautiful family, captured by Bianca Joanna Photography