Birth in all its complexity.

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Entering a birth space is like stepping into a portal where time stands still as we honour and wait for a birthing family to bring forth new life.

Birth is about starting afresh. A new baby. A new mother. A new father. Siblings. Family. Joy. Longing. Loving. Life.

It can also be about overcoming fear and self-doubt, overcoming past trauma, or overcoming personal history. Leaving what was and travelling to the very depths of yourself to bring a new life into a world - a world which you will create for them. All of these feelings come together to create the complexity of birth, and these are the feelings which are so important to capture. These feelings are the essence of you! Thinking back to my own three births, there are so many little details I have forgotten (or never realised!). The early days of newborn fog suddenly overcrowd the memories of birth itself and THIS is why having your birth captured on camera and video is so incredibly important.

I am here for the joy. I am here for the doubt. I am here to observe or to serve.

To me birth photographs are just the end result of the whole package. When I attend your birth I give encouragement, support, advocation and help. I can boil water or wet down a cloth for your forehead. I can warm up heat packs or give a hip squeeze if needed, or I can melt into the background and document your story as a fly on the wall. Your story is yours to create and I respect all birth decisions.

I am an award winning, internationally recognised birth photographer servicing Adelaide and surrounding areas, but more importantly...

...I am a woman. I honour and support birthing families and believe in empowerment and education to support your birth choices.

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"I have had the pleasure of working with Ashlyn both professionally and personally for a number of years now and I am just blown away by the woman she is!

I see her play an integral role in the transformation of women to mothers and the making of families. Ashlyn has developed an amazing talent for being exactly where she is needed. She knows when her clients need her presence, support or compassionate care. Ashlyn provides so much more than a photography service. She has learnt the intricacies of birth and works seamlessly with the women and midwives/doulas and doing whatever is needed. Her gentle presence and almost silent encouragement of all is so powerful and truly creates the feeling of 'the village' at birth.

Ashlyn's knowledge of birth and her role in it, is what means so much to so many clients we have worked with, myself included. Ashlyn knows how to capture all the little moments, the power of the female body, the beauty and rawness of birth. Her ability to do this means that women are able to feel the power of their journey throughout their whole life. Not only is she giving the gift of this to the birthing woman but the profound impact this has on the child, and generations to come.

Through my time knowing Ashlyn I have also seen her true love for supporting others, including her drive for community and connection and the impact this can have for so many people.

Whenever I am behind Ashlyn's lens, she has a way that makes me feel so at ease. For someone who is 'camera shy' she does such a wonderful job of making me feel so special and beautiful, which means so much.

I am so glad that I crossed paths with Ashlyn and am thankful that our work continues to intertwine.

Anyone who welcomes Ashlyn to their birth, to photograph their family or any other moments, is truly lucky to work with this wonderful, compassionate woman who has so much joy about her."

Nikita Gardiner

Endorsed Midwife - Embrace Midwifery.

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